We have created an amazing Marketing Campaign consisting of Advertising that is placed in the hands of hotel guests as soon as they check in. 

Advertising on Hotel Key Cards is a proven method of advertising. After all, hotel guests must look at their card
to use it, and they probably use the card anywhere from 6 to 10 times per day during their stay.

When a
hotel guest pulls out the key and sees a restaurant or attraction and phone number, who do you think they will call first?


Our philosophy is to build strong and long lasting relationships with all of our clients by putting together effective
programs. We consider no program effective unless both the hotel and the advertiser are 100% convinced that they are benefiting by participating.

Our experienced professionals create and design your advertisements for Hotel Keys, Guest Service Directories, Hotel Key Folders etc.

Ads and Coupons are now in the hands of hotel guests, right where they should be.

We can supply you with:

  •    Hotel Key Card Advertising    
  •   Hotel Key Card Folder Advertising

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